Gino Big Tin (One Carton)


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  • Usage
    In areas and situations where in-season, perfectly ripe tomatoes are not available, canned tomatoes are often used as an alternative to prepare dishes such as tomato sauce or pizza. The top uses for canned tomatoes are Italian or pasta sauces, chili, soup, pizza, stew, casseroles, and Mexican cuisine.


  • Economic aspects
    Industrially produced canned tomatoes are an important product and subject to regular market analysis as well as trade considerations.


  • Home preservation
    Home canned tomatoes may be prepared in a number of ways.[3] However, safety measures need to be taken since improperly canned tomatoes can cause botulism poisoning, whether produced industrially or at home.


  • Diced tomatoes
    Diced tomatoes usually refers to tomatoes that have been diced. In the United States retail environment, however, the term refers to canned chunks of plum tomatoes in tomato juice or tomato purée, sometimes seasoned with basil or garlic. This product is a relatively recent arrival in the processed tomato market, and has become quite popular since its introduction in the mid-90s, probably due to American tastes for a chunkier tomato sauce[citation needed]. Calcium chloride is sometimes added to stabilize the cell structure of the canned tomatoes, giving the end product a firmer texture.
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